Thursday, December 28, 2006

The etiquette of bribery.

"The Economist" has a free article on the etiquette of bribery.

Anyone who has given, or been around the greasing of palms, has noticed that the cash is not usually given to the corrupt official, or a person with the upper hand, like one would pay a salesperson at a cash register. There is usually a special language indicating that a bribe is needed, and an etiquette of the way to transfer the money. In Armenia, sometimes we are told that 'lavoutyoun' (an act of kindness) or 'magharich' (a tip) is needed. In case of the traffic police, the communication is non-verbal. When you are stopped, you know what to do.

Here is an excerpt from the article describing a newbie asking for a bribe in Georgia - obviously, he needed some experience.

A sweetener to a traffic cop is often placed in the ticket-book that is handed to the driver. Parag Khanna, who is writing a book about countries on the edge of the rich world that are trying to get rich themselves, describes a bribe-taker he spotted in Georgia who he was sure was a rookie. Why? The scrawny young soldier, forgoing any subtleties, merely rubbed his fingers together in an age-old gesture.

There is also a description of corruption in the US as well - the fees paid to journalists by the government to produce favorable news, the donations by the lobbying organizations to lawmakers, tips paid to personnel at restaurants to get a table without waiting. As a matter of fact, bribery is institutionalized in the restaurant industry. It is necessary to pay a tip to the waiting staff. Otherwise they may spit in your food the next time.


At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason tips are required is because you only make three dollars an hour when you are doing that job. The government considers the tip part of your wages and will take more money out of your checks the more you are tipped. But if no one tipped then you would not be able to survive on your pay.

At 6:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a server, who only gets paid the NATIONAL serving minimum wage of $2.13 an HOUR, the tip you leave is my pay! When you go to eat and expect someone to wait on you, you are expected to pay for service. (Just the same as I pay my cell provider for great service!)
In 19 months with my current, corporate employer, I have received (net) $102.63, in 19 months. My entire gross pay goes to taxes and at the end of the year I have to write a check to the state of Georgia.
I am required to "tip out" 3% of my SALES to other employees. 1% goes to my bartender, 1% goes to my bus boy and 1% goes to my Expeditor/Food Runner. These positions offer a great service to servers, without their help, I would not be able to provide you with expectional service. With the exception of the bus boy, the other employees make $5-$7 an hour. Due to the fact they receive tips from servers, our employer is not required to pay them min. wage.
Let me break down how your tip effects my pay...
For Example, I work 4 hours at $2.13 an hour. ($2.13 x 4=$8.52) My sales are $300.00. My "tip" out" is $9.00. 10% (of my sales), which is way too low, is my tips this = $30.00. I am required by law, to report exactly what I made in tips, which is $30.00, now I must "tip out" $30 - $9= $21.00. I leave after working 4 hours with $21.00. 21/4= $5.25 + $2.13= $7.35. I just barely made minimum wage. (FYI: servers do not get 40 hour work weeks, in this business 20-30 is average. witht his economy, we are averging 13-15 hours per week)This does not include the times people do not tip at all, or leave 3-5% tip. When this happens, I loose money. I paid you to come in and eat. Because my pay and tip out is based on my SALES not my tips. If you have $50 bill and leave $53, I lost money!
No, I will not spit in your food or anyone elses' for being a bad tipper. I have an ethical obligation to myself and employer to provide every customer with expectional service everytime, and I do. However, you may not receive the above expectional service that I provide.
Next time you go and sit down to eat, your drinks are being brought to you and refilled, your food hot and brought to your table, not a worry in the world for you. No dishes, no clean up , no cooking, remember TIP!! 10% is standard even for mediocre service, 20% or more is expected when you receive good service.

At 6:40 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

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